Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing.
It aims at stress releasing and the unblocking of tension of body without actually massaging it.
Through palm-healing, our therapist transfers the energy that she produces, allowing chakras to seek balance again.
Reiki helps one to relax and gain a sense of inner equilibrium.

Reiki Therapy

レイキ Reiki 60€

• 癒されたい方
• 体の不調を改善したい方
• 免疫力を上げたい方
• 日々の生活に疲れている方
75 min of Reiki.
After a quick briefing about your physical condition and potential points of sensitivity and priority, you will undoubtedly spend the most relaxing time and eventually find yourself balanced again. In the session, our therapist places her hands slightly on or above your body while you are lying on the bed, fully clothed. In French or in English.

・Please come in comfortable clothes on the day. Although we use a blanket during the session, please wear warm socks and warm clothes if you feel cold easily .
・To benefit from your Reiki healing to the fullest, we recommend to have some time to relax after the session, before heading back into the rush of life.

The therapist, Vera