Shiatsu massage

The objective of Shiatsu is to harmonize the flow of energy, blood and fluid and to unblock tension and release stress.
It may help the power of self-healing, vitality and the function of the immune system.

Shiatsu Massage

指圧・全身コース Shiatsu full body session 40€

50mins fully body Shiatsu. After a quick consultation about your physical conditions, you can enjoy a massage on your whole body with the Shiatsu and Seitai technics (pressure, kneading, flexion, stretching, percussion, etc.) focusing onto problematic parts.

Intestinal Therapy

腸セラピー Intestinal Therapy 45€

ストレス過多によるイライラ、お腹のハリ、便秘、又はそれに起因する肩こりでお悩みの方向け。毎日自宅でできるセルフマッサージのご紹介も致します。 肩、腕の腸につながるツボを刺激しコリをほぐした後、腸に直接働きかける腹部のマッサージを施します。 腸の働きが活性化すると、デトックスによる美肌効果、自律神経の調整による免疫力向上も期待されます。 最近腹部に手術を受けられた方、下痢の方はご遠慮いただきます。ご来店は食後2時間は空けてください。
50mins intestinal therapy.
For people with stomach tightness, chronic constipation or stiff shoulders caused by it. We will also introduce self-abdominal massage that can be done at home every day. We stimulate the points connecting to the intestines on the shoulder and arm, and then give an abdominal massage directly working on the intestines. It is also expected to improve the skin through detox and the immune system by harmonizing autonomic nerves. This is not possible for persons who recently underwent surgery in the abdomen and also who have diarrhea. Please visit more than 2 hours after meals.

着衣のままで施術を受けていただきますので、柔らかい生地の楽な服装でお越しください。 着替えをお持ちいただくことも可能です。 食事直後は避け、特に腸セラピーの場合は食後2時間は空けてください。 より快適で効果的な施術をするために、ご来店の際は、体調や病歴、不具合などをできるだけ事前にご説明ください。
Shiatsu is a body treatment with clothes on. So please come in easy clothes of a soft fabric. You can also bring a set of light clothes.
Avoid having treatment after meals, especially for intestinal therapy.
In order to do more comfortable and effective treatment, please explain your physical condition, medical history, malfunction et cetera as much as possible in advance.

The therapist, Kayo