2002 ハリウッド美容専門学校卒業 美容師免許 取得
株式会社 Taya 入社 在席時 管理美容師免許 取得
2006 Aldo Coppola omotesandoオープニングで参加
2009 渡米 ニューヨーク コスメトジーライセンス取得
2019 ミラノ、パリのFashion weekにヘアーチームで参加
2021 ベルギー移住 NORIKO MATSUSHITA 入社

About Takashi

2002 Graduated from Hollywood Beauty School in Japan.
Obtained his qualification in Management Beautician.
2009 Moved to the US and obtained his NY-state Cosmetology license.
While working at Japanese/local hair salons in New York, he was also working in the hair team for NY Fashion Week and various photo shoots.
2019 Worked in the hair team for Fashion Week in Paris and Milan.
2021 Moved to Belgium and joined NORIKO MATSUSHITA hair salon.