<残席のご案内>自家製麴作りと日本の発酵醸造文化・味噌仕込みワークショップ/Handmade Koji/Miso Workshop

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3月9日・10日(土日)麹作りワークショップ 残席:5
3月11日(月)味噌作りワークショップ 残席:4




3月9日 12:30-16:30(1日目)
3月10日 12:30-16:30(2日目)

Rue Des francs 45,1040 Etterbeek Belgium
Salon Noriko Matsushita 二階

160€ /2日


今回は、愛知県 常滑の素敵な甕(1L用)をこのワークショップの為に特別にご用意しました!

3月11日 12:30-16:30

Rue Des francs 45,1040 Etterbeek Belgium
Salon Noriko Matsushita 二階

70€ /1日




Marika Groen (茉莉花)

Malica ferments 主催。

〜Handmade Koji/Miso Workshop〜

Would you like to make your own Koji and Miso??
We are having workshops with a special instructor, Ms. Marika Groen.

– March 9th /10th (Saturday and Sunday) Koji workshop 5 SEATS LEFT!!
– March 11th (Monday) Miso Workshop 4 SEATS LEFT!!

There will be a discount on the fee if you participate in both workshops (*^_^*)
Please check following for more details;

////////////Koji Workshop////////////
Koji and fermentation in life.
This is a weekend crash course on Koji making and wild fermentation that’s deeply rooted in Japanese folk culture.
The lesson is suitable for all level.
Ms. Marika will guide you through every step so you can do it at home.
You wouldn’t need a professional facility for this.

March 9th 12:30-16:30 (1st day)
March 10th 12:30-16:30 (2nd day)

Rue Des francs 45,1040 Etterbeek Belgium
Salon Noriko Matsushita 2F

160€ /2 days
⚠You can take Koji back home with you.

・Pen and notebook
・An apron

////////////Miso Workshop////////////
Grow your own organic Miso with fresh Koji
“Miso” is widely used in both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, and has been gaining worldwide interest over the last years.
In this workshop, you will be fully guided through the preparing methods of this traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste or fermented chickpea paste.
You will make your own Miso and receive a lecture on the Japanese folk culture behind it.
By sample tasting many different kinds of Miso, you will understand the difference and also learn how to use them.
You will go home with a jar of your Miso-to-be that you will look after it for about a year.

As for jars, we imported Tokoname ceramic jars(1L) from Tokoname, Japan, especially for this workshop.
If you purchase this jar, you can prepare your Miso in it and take it home with you!
The price is 30 euros (White/Blue/Brown) Limited stock only.
Please let us know in advance when booking if you would like to purchase it!

March 11th 12:30-16:30

Rue Des francs 45,1040 Etterbeek Belgium
Salon Noriko Matsushita 2F

70€ /1day
100€ /1day (with a purchase of Tokoname jar)

⚠Please choose Miso(soybean) or Miso(chickpea) when booking.
⚠You can take Miso back home with you.

・Pen and notebook
・An apron
・a potato masher (stamper)
・a cleaned and dried 1000 ml container with a wide top to bring miso home. Do not bring a bottle as the top is too narrow.

★If you participate in both workshops, the total fee is only 210€(without a purchase of Tokoname jar)!
★Please make an application and pay for the workshop by February 20th.
★Each workshop is for 10 persons. The application will be closed when participants reaches to 10 people.
★No reimbursement will be made with cancellations after February 25th.

Any inquiries↓

Ms. Marika Groen
The travelling mystagogue of Japanese classic ferments, also a writer/a
photographer/a lazy cook. Periodically hosting an intensive Koji class as well as workshops to make Miso, Doburoku, Natto, and other fermented food and drinks.
Now organizes fermentation tours and camps in Japan and disseminates its culture in Europe.
Loves wild-crafting and home brewing. Inhabits Malicafe Organic Vegan Food.