Nuu miso委託販売のお知らせ♪/[Nuu Miso] available at Noriko Matsushita!!

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この度、美容室Noriko Matsushitaにて、ブリュッセル生まれのお味噌【Nuu Miso】を委託販売いたします!

ベルギー在住の日本人を中心に立ち上がった【Nuu Miso】は、殺菌処理をせずヨーロッパのBio素材を使用している生みそタイプ。元気な善玉菌がいっぱいで、免疫力アップも期待できる優れものです!



今後ともNoriko Matsushitaをよろしくお願いいたします。

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Would you like to enjoy a great taste of Japan in Belgium?
Brussels-born miso [Nuu Miso] is now available at Noriko Matsushita!!

[Nuu Miso] was established by Japanese and Belgian artists living in Belgium, is a raw miso type that uses European bio-ingredients. With full of healthy good bacteria, this excellent product can help you improve immunity!
In addition to miso, there will also be koji and other products in our selection.
Please see the product list below.

We accept orders by the following steps.
1. Send us an email of which products and how many of them, and the date you would like to visit us (pick-up can be done also when you have an appointment with us).
2. Payment by cash on the day of picking up the products.

Let’s spend every day in good spirits with high-quality Japanese food even if you’re not in Japan!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the products.
We are looking forward to your order♪

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