20% off!! semi-permanent makeup!!

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20% off Semi-permanent makeup campaign until March 31st!

Semi-permanent makeup is a tattooing technique that gives a long-lasting makeup by coloring safe plant pigments(not containing metal) in the shallow layer of skin (0.01 to 0.03 mm below the surface).
It looks very natural just like daily makeup, but does not come off with sweat, water, or even face washing and can last approximately 2 years.
Semi-permanent makeup fades along with skin’s metabolism, so we can change the shape or color as you want after it faded.
We offer semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip color.

Recommended for those who want to save time on makeup, who are not happy about their thin eyebrows and who want to feel confident even without makeup!

All procedures require two visits(3 for those with poor color retention) to complete the look.
Healing from the initial procedure can sometimes cause loss of pigment, making the 2nd visit so important to finish the new brows and correct any imperfections.
Please check Noriko’s availability on the booking page and send your booking request by email.

Eyebrows (2 visits) 450€ → 360€
Eyeliner (2 visit) 450€ → 360€
Lip color (2 visits) 450€ → 360€
Retouch 230€ → 184€

Semi-permanent makeup

All of our staff have experienced semi-permanent makeup!
If you want to see the real sample, or just
want to hear their experiences, please feel free to talk to one of them.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!