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育毛・頭皮改善のスペシャリストであり、オーガニックプロダクトの開発者でもある育毛スペシャリストDr. Jasmine TANを招き、当サロンでの育毛・頭皮改善の個人カウンセリングを開催しております。
Dr. ジャスミン・タンとのカウンセリングでは、Dr. Tanが皆様の頭皮の状態を確認し、原因と改善策を見つけ、皆様の頭皮をより良い状態へ導くアドバイスをさせていただきます。
お客様の状態にあったDr. Tanの100%オーガニックプロダクト(Dr. Tan指導のもと、オーガニック農家にて栽培)”Nardi Salvifici Hair Products”も販売し、Dr. Tanより正しい使い方の説明もございますので、カウンセリングをしたその日からお悩みへの対策を実行いただくことができます。




We have <one on one consultations with Dr. Tan> at our salon.

Hair Specialist, Dr. Jasmine TAN is specialized with hair restoration and the founder of 100% organic hair product,”Nardi Salvifici Hair Products”
With her knowledge and experience, she develops products for hair growth and scalp care by herself.

In the consultation, Dr. Tan will sit down with you and help you to find the causes of the problems such as bad scalp, hair loss…etc. and advise you the best measures.
You can also purchase Dr. Tan’s 100% organic products ”Nardi Salvifici Hair Products” on the day and she will directly teach you how to use them correctly.
You can start to work on your worries from the day of the consultation!

Please contact us if you are interested!
The consultation is 30mins ~ 1hour(€40).
You can book it with other services like hair cut as well.

※If you would like to book in only for a consultation, please wash your hair before the consultation and do not put any hair products on the hair
※The communication with Dr. Tan is in English, Chinese or Dutch.

※Consultations might be taken place in B1 room.

Looking forward to your bookings!!